Portrait of Morten Helgesen with white shirt on.

Morten Helgesen

Morten Helgesen( 41), born in Larvik, is mechanical engineer at Pure Salmon Kaldnes.

What is your education?

I am educated as an engineer in technical planning at Telemark University College. I also have a certificate of apprenticeship as a plumber.

What did you do before you started here?

I have a background from land-based industries and first and foremost the process industry, hired to the Yara Group, among others. I came from a position as a department manager for a construction company.

Why did you choose to start here?

I started working here because, in many ways, I consider this to be the profession and industry of the future, and because I think it is absolutely perfect that it is possible to work in such an exciting and international professional environment and company here in Sandefjord, close to where I live. In addition, it is a very forward-looking company that considers the employees to be its most important asset, which is absolutely crucial for me. You have to feel good at work in order to succeed. Also, there are very good opportunities for professional development and to make a career, both nationally and internationally.

What is the best part of working here?

It is very inspiring to work in a field where technology is combined with fish health. But the very best thing about working here is the amazingly good work environment where the employees are great at playing each other good, both within their own department and across the organization. I also like that we have a flat organizational structure where the decision-making process is short.

What do you think about the aquaculture department now is a part of the Pure Salmon group?

I think this will be a very exciting journey. We have gotten owners who are very concerned about us as a company and as individuals. They want to make it easier for the employees to develop further. At the same time, they have high ambitions for growth and a lot of exciting projects in the making, both nationally and internationally. This helps to secure a lot of work for us in the future. So now, it’s just a matter of utilizing each other’s different and unique skills and resources in the best possible way.