Sharada Navada in white lab coat shows test tubes.

Sharada Navada

Sharada Navada (30), born and raised in Mumbai, India, is a Process Engineer at Pure Salmon Kaldnes.

What is your education?

I have a PhD -doctoral degree in biological water treatment from NTNU and a Masters of Science in
Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

What did you do before you started here?

I took my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering in India. Thereafter I moved to USA to pursue a Masters degree
in Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. After completing my Masters, I started working as
a process engineer at Veolia in Pittsburgh USA. I worked there from 2013 to 2015, and then took an
internal transfer to Krüger Kaldnes in January 2016.

Why did you choose to start here?

I had the opportunity to collaborate on an aquaculture project with Krüger Kaldnes, and to visit their office
in Norway. I really liked working with the people in the former Krüger Kaldnes. I also had a great experience during my visit to Norway. So when considering an internal company transfer from the USA to Europe, I chose Krüger Kaldnes in Norway.

What is the best part of working here?

Everyday brings interesting and novel challenges. I like the fact that my colleagues are motivated and enterprising. It is wonderful that there is always something new to discover and the potential to develop
innovative solutions.

What do you think about the aquaculture department now is a
part of the Pure Salmon group?

In Krüger Kaldnes, the focus was water. In Pure Salmon, our focus is the fish. I believe this is a very positive change, as we can fully focus on providing the best environment for the fish.
Pure Salmon also has a strong focus on R&D, which will nurture innovation and strengthen our technological capabilities going forward.