Pure Salmon Kaldnes rebrands as Pure Salmon Technology

Since we were taken over by 8F we have been using the name: Pure Salmon Kaldnes as a hybrid in between the past and the future. Two years have now passed successfully, and we are now more mature and ready to move to our new name: Pure Salmon Technology. This is fully in line with our mission and vision statement.

Mission: to develop, design and deliver sustainable aquaculture solutions through innovative thinking and shaping based on experience and creative minds.

Vision: to lead the global aquaculture industry towards increased sustainability and to be the preferred lifetime partner and attract and develop the best talents. Our designs are based on known technologies and the understanding of synergies with a high focus on sustainability across all operations.

Thus, the name change is a natural development for the company, and we look forward to continuing the collaborations and partnerships wherever we meet.

For more information please contact Niels Brynnum, nibr@puresalmontech.com, mob: +45 603 93 590