SalMar, Tjuin

Start-up in 2021,
to be completed in 2023.

A Norwegian giant

In may 2021 the process of establishing one of the world´s largest and most advanced land-based facilities for juvenile fish production started in Steinkjær, Norway.

SalMars giant project with RAS-technology is called Tjuin, and the first phase of construction is set to be completed i 2023.

SalMar, Tjuin

20 million smolt

To be completed in 2023

About Salmar, Tjuin

Pure Salmon Kaldnes is delivering world-class RAS-technology which reduces fresh water consumption by more than 97 percent compared to traditional flow-through systems.

The project has a budget of 1,2 billion NOK. In total, the area will provide an opportunity to produce approximately 50 million smolts.