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Pure Salmon Kaldnes to double staff numbers

Pure Salmon Kaldnes has set ambitous growth targets. The company will now hire 50 new employees, consequently almost doubling its staff size over the next couple of years.

The aquaculture division in the Sandefjord-based company Krüger Kaldnes has now been separated into its own company after they were sold just before the summer to the Singapore-based group 8F Asset Management, which also owns the aquaculture giant Pure Salmon Limited. The group focuses on sustainable land-based salmon farming, produced as close as possible to where the consumers live.

The new company, which was named Pure Salmon Kaldnes AS, will continue as a consultant, contractor and supplier of equipment, services and world-leading technologies in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for the land-based aquaculture industry.

Ambitious growth targets

Pure Salmon Kaldnes, which today has 60 employees split between the headquarter in Sandefjord and their branch office in Drammen, will now grow extensively. Over the next two to three years, the number of employees will be doubled and new locations will be established both nationally and internationally.
— We now begin the work to equip ourselves for considerable growth both nationally and internationally. All our current staff members and their unique expertise will continue onboard, and we also need additional co-workers to join our team, says CEO of Pure Salmon Kaldnes, Kent Kongsdal Rasmussen.
Director of communications and HR, Per Håkon Stenhaug, stated that initially they will hire 50 or more new staff members.
— In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we first and foremost need additional expertise. This involves hiring 20-25 people this year, and a further 20 to 30 new employees in the next couple of years, he says.
Stenhaug acknowledged that it could be challenging to get hold of so many professionals in such a short time.

sharada navada in a white labcoat showing equiptment
Sharada Navada is a Process Engineer at Pure Salmon Kaldnes.

A sustainable and attractive workplace

— The competition for professionals and expertise in this industry is very strong, but supported by such a solid owner and with many exciting national and international projects underway, should be quite attractive in the labour market. Moreover, I am completely convinced that Pure Salmon Kaldnes’ strong focus on sustainability and fish
welfare will contribute to boost interest, combined with our increased focus on researc and innovation, Stenhaug says.

He was expecting to recruit both nationally and internationally.
— We need both established professionals and recent graduates, as well as relevant applicants from other industries who wish to change fields. This includes everything from project managers to positions related to automation, process operation and innovation, says Stenhaug.

Present at Aqua Nor

Pure Salmon Kaldnes will certainly be present at the Aqua Nor fair in Trondheim, which
now takes place from 23 August to 27 August.

— We are especially looking forward to getting in touch with potential new co-workers who would like to join an exciting journey towards our new goals, says director of communications and HR at Pure Salmon Kaldnes, Per Håkon Stenhaug.