RAS Technology

Pure Salmon Technology delivers
advanced recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)

fish in a tank in a land based fish farm
Sketch of how a ras system works.

RAS technology – It’s all about fish welfare

Our innovative and sustainable RAS-solution offers technology where water is recycled and reused after mechanical and biological filtration and removal of suspended matter and metabolites.

With ultraviolet light or special filtration systems, biofilters and oxygen, the RAS-technology provides a healthy environment for the fish.

RAS Solution

We provide the most advanced recirculating aquaculture systems,
technology and support to the land-based aquaculture sector.
Our technologies optimise the growth, health and welfare of fish.

RAS projects

SalMar, Tjuin

In may 2021 the process of establishing one of the world’s largest and most advanced land-based facilities for juvenile fish production, started in Steinkjær, Norway.

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Salten Smolt, Breivik

7 000 square meters of land-based fish farm is set to be completed in march 2022 in Bodø Norway.

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Lerøy, Sjøtroll

Lerøy Sjøtroll was once the world’s largest smolt plant, with 23 500 cubic meters of tank volume.

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Sharada Navada inside laboratorium at Pure Salmon Kaldnes

Innovation and research

Innovation is in Pure Salmon Technology´s DNA. That is why our research and innovation department works closely with academic institutions, world leading researchers and internal resources and suppliers. We want to create value for our customers and the industry.

Our solutions have been used to create more than twenty successful RAS facilities, including the world’s two largest fish farms, Lerøy Sjøtroll and Helgeland Smolt in Norway. We continue to learn by experimenting as well as collecting vital live data to enable optimal production of robust fish, always with fish welfare in mind.

fish in a tank in a land based fish farm

RAS mechanical

The department consists of dedicated engineers who design our RAS facilities. We develop and provide the technical specifications in close collaboration with our process and automation department to find the best solutions for our customers.

Together with our subcontractors, we provide cutting-edge expertise to constantly develop and improve our design and solutions. Before we start the development of the system, we make unique digital designs for our customers, and together we find the most optimal solution.

machines inside a land based fish farm

RAS service

Pure Salmon Technology provides support and service to the RAS facility. Our service department is dedicated to training our customers’ operational personnel to inspect and maintain their RAS facility. We regularly do onsite visits to inspect, follow up and provide expert services and report our observations and recommended measures. Our service department can also perform risk and vulnerability analysis of the system, and suggest a list of spare parts.

Project Management

We call this deartment our driving force. This is a multidisciplinary division with expertise to execute land-based aquaculture projects.

We manage all stakeholders and multiple contract strategies in executable projects, and strive to achieve the customers and our own goals on every project. This team ensures projects are completed successfully, within budget and makes decisions based on our customers overall goal.


The art of technology is customised for our customers and the automation is built to help customers with their challenges. We make sure that processes run smoothly, so that employees can focus their time on tasks that cannot be automated, such as fish welfare.

The technology is cost-saving by reducing operational cost and carbon footprint without compromising quality.