Specialists within land-based aquaculture

We offer a large selection of world-leading and sustainable RAS-technologies, uniquely designed for each need.

Picture from inside of Leroey Sjoetroll fish-farm.
Men working on the roof at Sjoetroll.

Pure Salmon Technology takes the role of consultant, contractor and supplier of equipment and services, both locally and globally. The RAS- technology we offer is sustainable and customized for each fish farm.

We have delivered 19 facilities and contributed at a dozen other facilities, including two of the largest smolt facilities in the world: Helgeland Smolt and and Lerøy Sjøtroll.

Now we will also deliver construction to the world’s largest fish hatchery in Tjuin, Norway, owned by one of the world’s largest producers of farmed salmon, SalMar.

The history in brief

In 2021 the aquaculture division of Krüger Kaldnes was separated from the company and sold to the international group 8F Asset Management. It was merged with Pure Salmon Limited and named Pure Salmon Kaldnes. And now in May 2023 we rebranded to Pure Salmon Technology. We are based in Sandefjord, with a branch office in Drammen.

The aquaculture division has been a contributor in revolutionising land-based aquaculture during the last 20 years, continuously focusing on fish welfare. With our expertise we strive to develop innovative solutions and contribute to our owners goal to produce 260.000 tons of Atlantic salmon every year. 8F Asset Management has invested in large land-based farming facilities in the US, Poland, France and Japan, and they are already planning other comprehensive land-based farming projects, for instance in China and South Africa.

Aquaculture References

fish in a tank in a land based fish farm


Nofima Sunndalsøra

machines inside a land based fish farm


Mowi Dalsfjord

Fish-tanks at Helgeland Smolt.


Helgeland Smolt

Sjotroll facade.


Mowi Steinsvik

Picture of Salang Fisk taken from the other side of the water.


Salangfisk AS

Fish tanks at a land-based fish farm.


Astafjord Smolt

Picture from inside of Leroey Sjoetroll fish-farm.


Lerøy Sjøtroll

The hatchery AquaOptima at winter.


Salten Smolt

  • Close up of a salmon laying in a pair of hands.
  • Fish-tanks at a land-based fish-farm.
  • Fish tanks at a land-based fish farm.
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